I am:

A 3D environment artist

Self taught

Australian, living in Canada

I can:

Model highpoly, lowpoly, bake, texture, prepare models and materials for various engines.

Create environment textures, particles, animations, rigs, UI.

Code in Javascript, PHP, SQL, a bit of Java and a touch of C++ (in order of proficiency).

Work as part of a team or autonomously, from concept or self directed.

Speak Spanish.

I have worked on:

Double Action: Boogaloo


DA is a frenetic source engine multiplayer mod based around the pure awesomeness that was 80s and 90s action movies. It has been greenlit and released on steam to an overwhelmingly positive response. I created two fully rigged and playable lowpoly characters with baked normal maps and all textures, and compiled them to work in the source engine. I also creat particles, setpieces and environment textures, as well as detailing the maps da_streets and da_trainingday with new models, textures and gameplay tweaks.

Anarchy Arcade


Anarchy Arcade is a 3d virtual reality desktop. It is also available on Steam. I made environment assets, including arcade cabinets. This involved working with supplied highpoly models, creating a lowpoly game mesh, unwrapping, baking texture maps, texturing and compiling the final models for engine. The game uses some advanced dynamic shaders to fill cabinet skins and it was interesting working around that restraint.



Keys is a whimsical art mod made by Ryan Trawick. Keys takes the player through the mind of an afflicted character. It's an arthouse mod and that's what I love about it. I worked as a modeller on keys, making environment props in the style of the mod.

Stroll: Field Zone


Stroll is a post apocalyptic Source mod by Jack Skelhon, with whom I also worked on my Steampunk Portal Turret. I modelled two weapons for the mod and learned a lot about hard surface modelling and texturing.

Mist of Stagnation


MoS is a steampunk post apocalyptic shooter made with UDK. I made modular assets for the team and the mapping community to use in their maps. I had a lot of fun playing with the material system trying to get nice brassy materials.

I spend most of my time in:




Usual workflow:





Extended toolbox:

Wall of text:

I am a self taught 3d artist. I have worked in teams and autonomously and I have honed my time management skills through various projects. I have the skills required to create detailed, technically sound and optimized 3d art. As a freelancer I produced environment props and setpieces for mappers from reference, but I can also rig and animate, create environment textures and I have a solid understanding of the use of lighting and composition in level design.

I have a very analytical mind and I tend to geek out about good gameplay mechanics. I know I have the skills to work well in a studio environment but I am confident I bring more to the plate than just art. I am always looking for ways to create better experiences for players and I believe in creating a high quality product. I love making games but I realise it is also a business - and I need money for steam summer sales.

If you need a freelance prop factory I can pump out environment art until my knucklebones shatter, but if you want a young, enthusiastic and professional team member with a wide array of applicable skills I'm that guy.