Previous M4M projects

Double Action Character - Wish

A character model based on a movie costume. This one was my first character model that I took all the way from first vert to finished game asset. It is rigged to the valve biped and uses all the animations provided by the SDK

Steampunk Portal Turret

This one was done ad-hoc after seeing some awesome concept art by Lisa Rye. It is a working replacement for the default portal turret. You can see a video of it in action here

New York Garbage Truck

This garbage truck was for a L4D map, and needed to have a detailed under body to allow it to be flipped in chaotic scenes. The textures are two 2048x2048 map sets that scale to two 512x512 diffuse maps at the first LOD. It has two subsequent LOD models and the swaps work quite well.


This model was made for an interview on This is my take on what the headcrab might look like if the combine started enhancing and manufacturing them. You can read more and even download the model for free at

Australian Ute

This Australian style truck was to be used in an industrial area map. It was important to have the underbody modeled as it would be flipped over in a sequence in the game.

Military Crates Pack

The client for this project was (understandably) sick of seeing the same old crates in source, so he asked me to make a few usable ones. The smaller ones break into generic wooden gibs when shot a few times.

Custom weapon - SKS rifle

For this one the client needed a premade highpoly model (provided and originally created by Stoopdapoop of to be finished off. I made the lowpoly model and baked the detail, as well as painting the textures. This one went for cheap since the highpoly was provided and there was no custom animations or compilation required. The picture is of it in game, which I did just to showcase it.

Custom weapon - Makarov pistol

For this model the client needed a replacement model made for the default pistol. I modelled this one all from scratch, highpoly normal maps were baked onto the lowpoly mesh and textures painted. It was in the same job as the SKS rifle, and also required no compilation or animations. I did compile it in my own time for fun and to showcase it, and it works pretty much seamlessly with the default pistol animations. Click the picture to enlarge to see it mid-reload.


For this project the client wanted vines to grow along their brushwork. They sent me a snippet of their map with the necessary brushwork included. I made 10 models in total, four made specifically to grow along the provided brushes, three modular vine pieces and three hanging vine variants.

Mall Models

For this project the client was making a mall style map and so wanted some signs to go around the level. The neon sign is selfillum, the small signs to the left have two skins.

The source engine is not mine, I have no affiliation with valve whatsoever. The orange triangly thing in the header is a trademark of Valve Corporation and also not my creation. All rights reserved Valve, and any other legal disclaimers I have to have down here. All I made was the models and the textures on the models, and I took the pictures, using Valves screenshot manager, which is also theirs, not mine. Oh and I made this site, but I don't own html or php or javascript, I just used them. I also don't own the internet and I'm not in control of anything to do with it, except this website. I do, however, own two pairs of jeans. But I did not invent denim, nor do I claim a patent or rights over the design of denim, I'm just wearing their pants man, surely that's ok?

I also used some icons from Creative Freedom because I am too lazy to make my own.

Oh yeah and I used Shadowbox for the fancy image stuff.