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The source engine is not mine, I have no affiliation with valve whatsoever. The orange triangly thing in the header is a trademark of Valve Corporation and also not my creation. All rights reserved Valve, and any other legal disclaimers I have to have down here. All I made was the models and the textures on the models, and I took the pictures, using Valves screenshot manager, which is also theirs, not mine. Oh and I made this site, but I don't own html or php or javascript, I just used them. I also don't own the internet and I'm not in control of anything to do with it, except this website. I do, however, own two pairs of jeans. But I did not invent denim, nor do I claim a patent or rights over the design of denim, I'm just wearing their pants man, surely that's ok?

I also used some icons from Creative Freedom because I am too lazy to make my own.

Oh yeah and I used Shadowbox for the fancy image stuff.