What's the deal here? - M4M FAQ


These swords were made as both physics and static props. They sold for $10 each.

These torches were $7, I threw in the loose torch as a physics prop for free.

What kind of prices can I expect?

Prices vary but are generally pretty reasonable. A simple prop could cost as low as US$5, maybe less if I like you. As a model increases in complexity, texture space, polycount, compile options, animations, rigging and so on, the model becomes more time consuming and therefore more expensive.

What software do you use?

I use 3ds Max and Blender for models, xNormal to bake, dDo and Photoshop for textures. I use the excellent Blender SMD/DMX tools addon to export my models from Blender

What's the deal with quotes?

Once you apply to have a model made I will look into the complexity of it and send you a quote. The more details you can provide for the quote the better, if the requirements aren't properly outlined, the quote may change. For instance "make it make the ragdoll go brow" isn't really enough information to base an accurate quote on.

Quotes are all made individually by me, and I'll make them as easy to undersand as possible.

How do I pay you?

Payment is all handled offsite through paypal. You don't need a paypal account to pay by credit card. When paying I'll give you a unique number to put in the payment description so I know it's your payment and not someone elses. Details will be given out once a quote is accepted.

What will happen after I accept the quote?

Depending on the complexity of the model I might need to create some concept art. This will mean an extra fee depending on complexity, and will be outlined in the quote. Any concept art will be given to you with the complete model file upon payment, and will not be branded by or credited to me, same as the models.

After completing the concept we'll chat and decide if you want to proceed. Once payment of the concept art fee has been recieved I'll go ahead and make the model.

After completing the model we'll chat again and you can request any changes. At this point I require half the remaining cost of the model before proceeding.

Once the final tweaks are done and the model is ready to go we'll chat again. I'll hold onto the model until payment has been recieved in full, and then send you all the working files, concepts, produced files, everything I have to do with the model. You can decide what you want to keep and what you want to throw away.

Do you release your work under a license?

No. Once payment is recieved and the model is sent, it is entirely in your hands. You don't need to credit me for the work, but I would appreciate it. As for usage, it's all yours bro. You can hex it, reskin it, rig it, take it to the beach, cradle it to sleep at night, I don't care. That's the disclaimer right there. I would appreciate you dropping links to this site all over wherever you use the model, helping to spread my name so I can get more work, and discounts might apply but it is in no way a requirement.

What if I don't want the model or if I can't pay you?

If you decide you don't want the model or you can't pony up the dough, I will be upset. Please don't do that to me. I thought we were friends.

I can haz discounts?

You certainly can. I like to give discounts for people who drive traffic to the site. This means news posts, social media shares, featuring the site somewhere etc will all net you discounts proportional to the act (I'm pretty generous). In the past, the service has been featured on PlanetPhillip and Podcast 17.

The source engine is not mine, I have no affiliation with valve whatsoever. The orange triangly thing in the header is a trademark of Valve Corporation and also not my creation. All rights reserved Valve, and any other legal disclaimers I have to have down here. All I made was the models and the textures on the models, and I took the pictures, using Valves screenshot manager, which is also theirs, not mine. Oh and I made this site, but I don't own html or php or javascript, I just used them. I also don't own the internet and I'm not in control of anything to do with it, except this website. I do, however, own two pairs of jeans. But I did not invent denim, nor do I claim a patent or rights over the design of denim, I'm just wearing their pants man, surely that's ok?

I also used some icons from Creative Freedom because I am too lazy to make my own.

Oh yeah and I used Shadowbox for the fancy image stuff.